Advertising Guidelines
Thanks for your interest in MassHome, the "unofficial home page" for Massachusetts.  We appreciate your business, but we also reserve the right to decide which ads we will accept.

To avoid any misunderstanding, here are some basic guidelines:

  1. This is a family oriented site.  We will reject any ads that could offend our audience.

  2. We operate similar to a telephone directory.  You pay for space not "click throughs".

  3. Rates for image links are based on your providing a "camera ready" image of the ad, in either .gif or .jpg format, in the correct size for the rate, and without any animation or borders.  We provide ad design and composition services, if desired, for an additional fee.

  4. Sponsored links which appear on the main page for each category, e.g. Real Estate,
    are available for $50.00 per year, first come - first served until the page contains
    five links.  Sponsored links which appear on the top of the first page for each city/
    town ** are available for $25.00 per year, first come - first served.
    ** This feature is being developed and availability depends on our schedule.  Pages for categories with sponsored links are being built first.  Act now and your site could be the first link in your category.

  5. Rates vary based on the popularity of the category and the positioning, size and type of your ad.  Please complete our Advertising Information Request Form and we will contact you with rates as soon as we receive your request.

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