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Boston Historic Sites
Communities in Boston include Allston, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Boston,
Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, North End, Roslindale, Roxbury, South Boston, South End and West Roxbury.
[Reenactors - .2K] 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry - Boston [File - .18K]
[Reenactors - .2K] 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Company A - Mattapan [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] The Black Heritage Trail® - Boston [File - .18K]
[NPS - 1K] Boston African American National Historic Site [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Boston Common [File - .18K]
[NPS - 1K] Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area [File - .18K]
[State - .2K] Boston Harbor Islands State Park [File - .18K]
[Information - .14K] Boston History & Architecture [Form - .2K]
[Information - .14K] Boston Massacre Files [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Boston Massacre Site [File - .18K]
[NPS - 1K] Boston National Historic Park [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Brook Farm Historic Site - West Roxbury [File - .18K]
[NPS - 1K] [Freedom Trail - .12K] Bunker Hill Monument [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Copp's Hill Burial Ground - Boston [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Faneuil Hall - Boston [File - .18K]
[National - .14K] Federal Reserve Bank of Boston [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Fort Andrews - Peddocks Island - Boston Harbor [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Fort Independence - Castle Island - Boston Harbor [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Fort Warren - George's Island - Boston Harbor [Form - .2K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] The Freedom Trail - Boston [File - .18K]
The Freedom Trail will take you through almost three centuries of Boston's colonial and revolutionary history.  Each site is connected by a painted red line or red brick in the
pavement.  So . . just start at the Boston Common and "Follow the Red Brick Road".
[Information - .14K] Freedom Trail Interactive Map [Form - .2K]
[Photo - .2K] Freedom Trail Photos By Steve Dunwell [E-Mail - .13K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Granary Burying Ground - Boston [File - .18K]
[Shamrock - .2K] Irish Heritage Trail - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Kings Chapel - Boston [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Massachusetts State House - Boston [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Massachusetts State House Web Tour [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Middlesex Canal - Boston [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Middlesex Canal - Boston (Charlestown) [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Old Corner Book Store - Boston [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Old North Church - Boston [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Old South Meeting House [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Old State House - Boston [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Park Street Church - Boston [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Paul Revere House - Boston [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] Quincy Market - Boston [File - .18K]
[State - .2K] Roxbury Heritage State Park [File - .18K]
[Historic - .14K] Symphony Hall - Boston [File - .18K]
[National - .14K] Union Oyster House - Boston [File - .18K]
[Freedom Trail - .12K] USS Constitution - "Old Ironsides" - Charlestown Navy Yard [File - .18K]
[Information - .14K] Where Was the Actual Boston Tea Party? [E-Mail - .13K]
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