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MassHome has provided this site as a Public Service since 1997 without any financial support. However, our funding sources are no longer available and our operating costs are significant.

Consequently, we no longer offer free links for businesses and commercial enterprises.  We now charge a one-time administrative fee of $15.00 to add new commercial links.

On receipt of your information we will send a request for payment using PayPal. MassHome is a verified PayPal merchant and PayPal will process your payment even if you do not have a PayPal account.  You do not need to register with PayPal to use this service.

We continue to offer free links to public service organizations/associations such as veterans organizations, Fire and Police Departments, non-profit choruses/theater groups, historical societies, and the like.  Organizations/Associations requesting a free link must check the "Free Link" option in the form.  After visiting your site, we will decide whether your site qualifies for a free link and notify you about our decision.

We regret the need to institute this policy but the alternative is to shut the site down entirely.

Thanks for your interest in MassHome.

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For reasons beyond our control, our Form Mail processor is currently unavailable.
We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to correct the problem.

In the interim, to request a new link or to change an existing link, please:
  1. copy and paste the following information into your e-mail program,
  2. complete all the entries, and
  3. send the completed form to odevlin@masshome.com - Subject: URL Add.

Requested Action:
____ Link to a new site.
____ Change information for an existing site.

Type of link you are requesting:
____ Paid Link (Fee of $15.00 required for businesses or commercial enterprises.)
____ Free link (Available only for public service organizations or associations.)

Requests for a free link from businesses will be automatically rejected.

Please enter your e-mail address so we can contact you if necessary:
E-Mail Address:  _________________________

(We do not distribute e-mail addresses to other parties.)

Enter the name, URL, and location for the link you want to add or change:
Site Name:  _________________________

[Spacer] (Example: MassHome) [Spacer]
Site URL:  ___________________________

[Spacer] (Example: www.masshome.com) [Spacer]
Location:  ___________________________

[Spacer] (Example: Sharon, MA)
Please select a category from the following list:
Category:  ___________________________

Appraisers   Historic Houses & Homes   Photographers & Photography
Arts & Culture   Historic Sites   Police Departments
Automotive   Historical Societies   Publishers
Banks   Hospitals & Medical Centers   Radio Stations
Business   Inspectors   Railroads
Chambers of Commerce   Insurance Agents & Agencies   Real Estate Agents & Agencies
Choral Societies &Choruses Internet Services   Schools
Civil War Sites   Investigators   Shopping Malls
Coin Dealers   Investment Services   Sports
Colleges & Universities   Lawyers & Legal Resources   Stamp Dealers
Computers   Libraries   Television Stations
Construction   Lodging   Theater
Consultants   Marketing   Tourism
Credit Unions   Model Railroads   Venture Capital Services
Currency Dealers   Mortgage Brokers & Lenders   Veterans
Drum Corps   Movers & Common Carriers   Vo-Tech Schools
Fire Departments   Museums   Weather
Government   Newspapers & Magazines You decide for me

Please enter any comments about the new or changed link:

(If your business/company serves more than one Massachusetts community,
please include the names of all communities in your comments.)


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We definitely appreciate your requests, but we also reserve the right to determine which sites we will accept.  To avoid any misunderstanding, here are some basic guidelines:
  1. This is a family oriented site.  Our editors personally check each site before a link is activated to ensure that the content is within "G" or "PG" rating criteria.

  2. The companies/institutions listed here are either located in or focused on serving Massachusetts communities.  We generally prefer links of this type, however we will consider every request on its own merit.

  3. Effective 01/09/05, we will charge a one-time administrative fee of $15.00 to add new commercial links. Once the fee is paid, we will provide two links: one alphabetical and one classified by your line of business.  Additional links are available for reasonable fees depending on their number and location.

  4. Sponsored links which appear on the main page for each category, e.g. Real Estate, or Sponsored links which appear on the top of the first page for each city/ town are available.  Please contact us for details.

  5. Accepting a link does not constitute our endorsement of your company or its products.

  6. Please do not use this form to send advertisements for any product or service.  If your purpose is to sponsor a page or to otherwise advertise on this site, please visit our "Advertising Guidelines" page.

Thanks for your interest in MassHome!

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