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Boston Lawyers & Legal Resources
Communities in Boston include Allston, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Boston,
Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, North End, Roslindale, Roxbury, South Boston, South End and West Roxbury.
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[Lawyer - 1K] Arthur F. Licata, PC - Boston [Form - .2K]
Personal Injury Litigation
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[Lawyer - 1K] Bergstresser & Pollock, LLC - Boston [File - .18K]
Personal injury and legal malpractice
[Lawyer - 1K] Berluti McLaughlin & Kutchin LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
Business Law, Civil Trial Advocacy, Estate Planning, Employment Litigation, Real Estate
[Lawyer - 1K] Bernkopf Goodman LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
Business, Real Estate and Civil Litigation
[Lawyer - 1K] Breakstone, White & Gluck, P.C. - Boston [Form - .2K]
Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten - Boston [File - .18K]
Civil Litigation, Crime Victim's Recovery, Insurance Defense
[Lawyer - 1K] Brown Rudnick LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
A Full-Service International Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Burns & Farrey - Worcester/Boston [File - .18K]
Professional Malpractice, Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation
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[Lawyer - 1K] Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy - Boston [File - .18K]
A trial law firm representing clients before state and federal courts
[Lawyer - 1K] Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
"Organized Into 18 Areas of Legal Practice"
[Lawyer - 1K] Christopher P. Kauders, Esq., MBA - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
Resolving Legal Disputes Through Mediation & Arbitration
[Lawyer - 1K] Cosgrove Eisenberg and Kiley, P.C. - Boston/Quincy [Form - .2K]
A General Practice Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Curley & Curley, P.C. - Boston [Form - .2K]
Civil Litigation Attorneys
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[Lawyer - 1K] D'Angelo Law Group - North Andover/Boston [Phone - .2K]
"MA Personal Injury Attorneys"
[Lawyer - 1K] Dane Shulman Associates LLC - Boston [Form - .2K]
"Boston's Leading Personal Injury Law Firm"
[Lawyer - 1K] Daniel Gindes - Salem/Boston [Form - .2K]
Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation
[Lawyer - 1K] Dechert - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
An International Multi-Practice Law Firm
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Fitch Law Partners LLP - Boston/Wellesley Hills [Form - .2K]
"Excellence in Civil Litigation"
[Lawyer - 1K] Foley Hoag LLP - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
General Practice of Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Gelb & Gelb LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
Business, Employment, Securities, Intellectual Property, Probate, and Family Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Gilman Law LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
"Experience in consumer law, antitrust, and securities"
[Lawyer - 1K] Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
Commercial, Construction, Real Estate, Employment, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense
[Lawyer - 1K] Glickman Turley LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
Business, Real Estate, Probate and Estate Planning, Immigration, Criminal Defense
[Lawyer - 1K] Goodwin Procter LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
A General Practice Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Gosselin, Moschella & Kyriakidis - Winchester [Form - .2K]
Boston Elder Law Attorneys
[Lawyer - 1K] Goulston & Storrs - Boston [File - .18K]
Counsellors at Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Greater Boston Legal Services - Boston [File - .18K]
Free Civil Legal Assistance to Low-Income People in Boston and 31 Neighboring Communities
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[Lawyer - 1K] Halström Law Offices P.C. - Boston/Carlisle [Form - .2K]
Personal Injury Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Hinckley, Allen & Snyder - Boston [File - .18K]
A Full-Service Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Holbrook & Murphy - Boston [File - .18K]
Specializes in Maritime Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Holland & Knight LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
A Full Service Law Firm
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[Lawyer - 1K] Iannella and Mummolo - Boston [File - .18K]
Personal Injury Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. - Boston/Brockton/Framingham [File - .18K]
"Hire the Leader in Personal Injury Law"
[Lawyer - 1K] John R. Pierce - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
Concentration in Estate & Family Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] K&L Gates LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
International Business and Financial Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Kantrovitz & Associates, P.C. - Boston [Form - .2K]
Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Kenneth I. Kolpan, P.C. - Boston [File - .18K]
Neurolaw and Medical Malpractice
[Lawyer - 1K] Kotin, Crabtree and Strong LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
A Full-Service Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Kurnos & Rosenberg LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
Administrative Law, Business and Commercial Law, Civil Rights and Employment Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Law Firm of Jonathan D. Light, P.C. - Boston [Form - .2K]
"Personal injury law firm with over 27 years experience"
[Lawyer - 1K] Law Office of C. Peter R. Gossels - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
Attorney with the Boston Law Office of Weston, Patrick, Willard & Redding
[Lawyer - 1K] Law Office of John J. Sheehan - Boston [Form - .2K]
"Serving injured workers & accident victims since 1993"
[Lawyer - 1K] Law Offices of Andrew S. Guisbond - Boston [Form - .2K]
Divorce, Child Custody and Family Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Law Offices of James Budreau - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
Employment and Criminal Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Law Office of Walter Gleason, Esq. - Boston [Form - .2K]
Immigration Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Howard Lewis Law - Framingham/Boston/Dover [Form - .2K]
Family Law & Divorce
[Lawyer - 1K] Locke Lord LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
A Full-Service Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Lyne, Woodworth & Evarts LLP - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
Real Estate, Business Litigation & Trust and Estates Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Maiona Ward - Boston [Form - .2K]
Practice limited to immigration and naturalization law
[Lawyer - 1K] Malouf & Radner LLC - Boston [Phone - .2K]
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Employment, Ethics, Litigation and Appeals
[Lawyer - 1K] McCarter & English - Boston [Form - .2K]
A Full-Service Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] McDermott, Will & Emery - Boston [File - .18K]
A Full-Service International Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Menard Murphy & Walsh LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
A General Practice Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Mildred N. Phillips, Attorney at Law - Boston [Form - .2K]
Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Family Law and Consumer Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo, P.C. - Boston [Form - .2K]
A Full-Service International Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP - Boston [Phone - .2K]
Corporate, Finance and Litigation Law
[Lawyer - 1K] Morrison Mahoney LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
An International Firm Specializing in Civil Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Nixon Peabody LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
A National Multi-Practice Law Firm
[Lawyer - 1K] Novak Druce Connolly Bove + Quigg LLP - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
"A full service intellectual property law firm"
[Lawyer - 1K] Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP - Boston/Hyannis [File - .18K]
A Full Service Law Firm
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Pamela K. Sutherland - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
Psychiatric Malpractice, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Law (Plaintiff Only)
[Lawyer - 1K] Parker Scheer LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
Business Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Divorce and Probate
[Lawyer - 1K] Pre-Trial Solutions, Inc. - Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
Legal Dispute Mediation and Arbitration
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Robinson & Cole LLP - Boston [File - .18K]
Serving Institutional & Industrial Clients
[Lawyer - 1K] Ropes & Gray LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
Comprehensive Business Legal Services
[Lawyer - 1K] Rosencranz & Associates - Boston [File - .18K]
Personal Injury Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Scott P. Lopez - Boston [Form - .2K]
Complex Civil and Criminal Litigation
[Lawyer - 1K] Shannon Law Associates, Inc. - Boston [File - .18K]
Construction Contracts, Mediation Arbitration and Litigation"
[Lawyer - 1K] Sullivan Weinstein & McQuay - Boston [Phone - .2K]
Intellectual Property, Antitrust, Employment Discrimination, Civil Rights and Securities Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Taylor, Ganson, & Perrin LLP - Boston [Form - .2K]
Divorce/Family Law, Estate Planning, Trust Management, Real Estate, Tax/Business, Probate
[Lawyer - 1K] Trupti N. Patel & Associates - Boston [File - .18K]
Specializes exclusively in Immigration Law throughout the United States
[Lawyer - 1K] Turgeon & Associates - Haverhill/Newburyport/Boston [E-Mail - .13K]
Personal Injury Attorneys
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Vena Riley & Deptula LLP - Boston [Phone - .2K]
Civil Rights, Business, Employment, Family Law, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Wagner Law Group - Boston [Form - .2K]
ERISA and Employee Benefits; Estate Planning; Employment, Labor & Human Resources Law
[Lawyer - 1K] White Inker Aronson, P.C. - Boston [Phone - .2K]
Criminal Law, Divorce, Family Law, Probate and Estate Administration
[Lawyer - 1K] WilmerHale - Boston [File - .18K]
Legal services for business clients to achieve their objectives
[Lawyer - 1K] Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks P.C. - Boston [File - .18K]
Specialists in Intellectual Property Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
[Lawyer - 1K] Yow and Associates - Boston [Form - .2K]
Personal Injury, Discrimination, Contract, Real Estate, Criminal Defense and Business Law
[Green Line 1 - .2K]
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